Monday, December 17, 2007

Connected mobile games

I have spoken with several people about mobile games with multiplayer capabilities and I was surprised that those games are also called connected games.

I am now not sure, what is more used, should we call our games connected games or multiplayer games? I am writing this post to see, how many people will come to it from Google search, based on search term "connected games" (connected gaming), that's why the title is a little bit strange.

We keep calling our platform multiplayer for now.

If anybody knows the difference, please let me know.

for term "connected games" , we are number 9 on Google
for term "connected mobile games", we are number 5 on Google

I will post data from Google Analytics on how many people use this term soon

I have observer the Google stats and only three people came to the blog using connected mobile games term. What does it mean? I think that it means that nobody is using this term.

Lets go back to free mobile multi player games term.

I am doing some other observations regarding mobile SEO, I hope I will write a post about the results.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's getting bigger

Here's another great piece of news:

We're past the "20000 registered users" mark.

I think that's excellent because it shows that even with a minimal (virtually zero) marketing budget a project can attract people by providing a good entertaining experience.
Our games are - and always will be - free. We believe that users should not be FORCED to pay for good entertainment, they should WANT to pay to keep it going (in other words use the donation button). This is similar to what I've recently seen happening with free podcast books. Make it free and they will come (more than once if your content's good enough). And don't forget - there are always adds to help along the way :)