Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Darkstar J2ME API released by Cotopia

So here we go some Good News,

As Promised I've implemented the Darkstar Client API for J2ME. It took about 16 hours end to end + some testing and documentation time but all in all not too big of a job. I've released the binary as well as sources so that anyone can have a go at making improvements, bug fixing and finishing unimplemented functionality :)
Take a look here for the zips (bin, src, javadoc)

In addition to the sockets implemetation I've put together an HTTP based iplementation which connects to Darkstar through a web based proxy. This way of connecting is (obviously) a bit more clunky but at times one has no other option, due to device or service limitations. This functionality is available in source from SVN as well as NetBeans plugins.

Further more I've put together a Darkstar plugin for NetBeans that lets you manage server instances and server applications via IDE UI (nodes, buttons, dialogs etc.) rather than typing stuff into a shell :) This plugin basically lets you define a Darkstar server instance and then you can use that to run/stop your applications.

I did spend a bit of time on this work in the past few months so I hope that the community will take the code, test it out it and post fixes - or at least bug reports :)