Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Book review - Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Unlike the book it self - I'll make this short.

The book basically sucks and I was very disappointed.

I think that most people who read 'Snow Crash' and loved it will agree with me. I got through about 80% of the book and I just couldn't be bothered to read it any more. It seems that Mr. Stephenson has gone to extreme lengths trying to convince the reader of his own cleverness. The book is full of never ending "scholarly" dialogs about nothing, most of which are not nearly as engaging as I imagine they were meant to be.

While the book is not all bad I found most of it to be dry, boring, pretentious, and lacking humor (except for one "fire/counter-fire" scene which made me laugh). I am sorry to say this as I was hoping for much and got very little.

For a longer and less blunt review check slashdot.