Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cotopia open sources Project Darkstar client API for JavaME

I've done it again :) After some time of development I've decided to open source another of my brilliant endeavors:

Project Darkstar client API for JavaME together with a Darkstar management console (as a NetBeans plugin)

The project contains everything you need to take advantage of Project Darkstar in your MIDlets:

1. Web project template which serves as an HTTP proxy for a Project Darkstar client application

2. Mobile project template with all code required to connect to the Web proxy implements the Java ME HTTP based Project Darkstar API

3. A NetBeans based Project Darkstar server instance management console (under Tools-> Darkstar server menu) that enables user to start and stop server application instances without any need to mess around with command line

4. (Planned/not yet there) Java ME socket based Project Darkstar API will be available soon

All of this good stuff is packaged for NetBeans 6+ only. If you don't have NetBeans installed then stop being a loser and go get it. You have no business doing Java ME development without it anyway! :)

To give it a try download the sources from:

I'll answer questions via email, tutorial is comming soon.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Our google ratings - pretty good I'd say :)

Check this out - Cotopia is on the first page if you Google for:

multiplayer mobile games

and it's on the second page if you search for:

mobile multiplayer games

given our marketing budget of $50 a year I'd say that Tomas is doing pretty good job promoting us. Now only if we could make it to number #1 for both search terms, we may have to double our budget :)

Adding Go to our portfolio is something we will do pretty soon to achieve this goal. Our little poll (on the right side of this page) indicates that Go is the next thing players want and as always (well... nearly always) what players want players get.